Ew! Pink Soil makes off-colour worth a second look

BARTIMAEUS" by Martin Hong
This short investigates the idea of television and reality, confrontation both onscreen and offscreen. Is the lens an aperture of truth or merely a blinding decoy?

Deflowering unfamiliar, off-color and curious video works from young and talented Singaporean artists. 'Ew! Pink Soil', a mini film festival under SEED, premiered new works from Daniel Hui, Martin Hong, Nelson Yeo and favourites from Loo Zihan and the Zhuang Brothers. 'Ew! Pink Soil' is a film program curated by Wesley Leon Aroozoo as part of SEED: A Series of Underground Art. Held over 1 and 2 Dec, the films all embodied the 'unusual'. Perhaps even the word 'alternative' may be an under-description.

The programme had been curated by Wesley Leon Aroozoo, himself a proponent or flagbearer of the 'strange' category of films, having made shorts like Pak and Sons Travel and Peep. Wesley graduated from Nanyang Technological University and is now pursuing his Master of Fine Arts at NYU Tisch Asia. He is part of 13 Little Pictures, a film collective in Singapore and as well as Studio Thirteen, a collective of visual artists, writers, curators and educators based at the Goodman Arts Centre.

The underground art festival didn't look too underground with the gold opulent interiors and is that bright spark a chandelier?

The list of films screened included:
Two Fingers Imitating Legs Walking by Wesley Leon Aroozoo / 8 mins
Absurdism by Bani Haykal / 6 mins
BARTIMAEUS by Martin Hong / 5 mins
My Faminely by Ang Geck Geck / 4 mins
No Images by Daniel Hui / 8 mins
3: 33 by Nelson Yeo/ 8 mins
BIRTHREBIRTH by Kiyoko Mori / 3 mins
VOID : ECK by Ruyi Wong / 2 mins
Sleep by Benjamin Cheah / 5 mins
Fresh by Ashish Ravinran / 15 minutes
Embryo by Loo Zihan / 6 minutes
Warped by Marlisa Rosli / 5 mins
The Dreamer by Ng Yi Qin / 3 mins
Contained by Henry and Harry Zhuang / 5 mins
Prenominal Modifiers by Amos Yee / 1 min
Bomeo and Juliet by Amos Yee / 2 mins
About Anna by Esmonde Luo / 7 mins

The Zhuang twin brothers get all tactile when talking about stop-motion animation

Wesley Leon Aroozoo (in black T-shirt) attends to a fan of his film

Class excursion? Or Class Reunion?

Sidetracking was part of the main act

'Glad my Mohawk is getting the attention.'

Girl caught in between members of the Justin Bieber fan club

SINdie writer Vicki Yang gets busy on her tweets after the event
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