ShoutOUT!: Fairytales 童话 DVD out in stores

Fairytales or 童话, a short film by Kelvin Sng is now out in stores. In Fairytales, Jason, Amanda and Guna are three teenagers studying in the same school. On the surface, they are just like any other teenager out there, facing typical challenges of growing up. However, beneath this façade lie rooted issues that have grown too deep for them to handle, causing them to become disillusioned by making choices that lead to disastrous consequences. Nonetheless, the trio soon discovers that no matter how many wrong choices they have made in the past, it is never too late to choose again.

The DVD comes with the following features:

1) Trailer
2) Behind the Scenes
3) Music Video
4) Highlights of Gala Premiere
5) Director’s Statement
6) Photo Gallery
7) Director’s commentary

Available at all major video stores such as Popular CD-RAMA, Gramophone, HMV, Kinokuniya, Poh Kim Video and TS Laser. Grab your copy now!

Trailer of Fairytales
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