Shoot Your Own Lomokino Movie and take the Lomokino home too!

Lomography and SINdie co-present a new filmmaking challenge – Shoot your own Lomokino Movie!

Just in case you don't already know. The Lomokino a real film camera that with give Lomography enthusiasts another reason to get busy. Filmmaking buffs will also love its rich visuals and analog feel. Check out our previous posting on the camera and what it can do!

Just to refresh, here is how LomoKino looks like:

LomoKino - Short from Lomography on Vimeo.

And here is an example of what it can make.

Salvation Mountain - LomoKino from Lomography on Vimeo.

How to take part in the contest and win the LomoKino:

1. Think of a 3 min film you would make with a Lomokino.
2. Send us a photo and an accompanying line of text what your Lomokino film will be about.
3. Send it to
4. The best 10 entries will be loaned a LomoKino to produce their film.
5. The films will be screened at a Lomography x SINdie film workshop at Lomography Gallery Store where the best 2 will be picked  at a live judging to win a Lomokino they can keep forever!

Deadline for entries: 11 Dec, Sunday

Lomography will provide guidance to the 10 finalists on using the camera to shoot their films.


1st Prize: LomoKino + 3 packs of film. He/she will also get to be a Lomo Amigo.
2nd Prize: LomoKino
8 Runner up Prizes: Lomography button badge set + 10 Piggies (store credit in our online store; 1 Piggy = 1 USD)

For more information on the Lomokino, check out the following links:

Send us your entries NOW!
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