Michelle Cheong's 'Already Famous' Gala Premiere

The much awaited Gala Premiere of Already Famous was held yesterday, 22 November at The Cathay. Level 5 of The Cathay was packed with eager fans who were waiting for their idols’ stage appearance. First up on stage were the cameos, Nat Ho, Li Teng, Ho Ailing, Cynthia Koh (who plays an auntie!) and Patricia Mok who shared their experiences working with Michelle on the film Already Famous. Then the male lead, Alien Huang and female lead/director/scriptwriter Michelle Chong made their appearance on stage to greet their fans before going around to 8 halls to greet the guests who were invited to Already Famous gala premiere.

The cameo cast of Nat Ho, Li Teng, Ho Ailing, Cynthia Koh (who plays an auntie) and Patricia Mok

 The cast revealed their dirty on-set secrets
Welcoming an 'Alien' in numbers

The dress theme for the evening was Charlie Chaplin's 'Hard Times'

Michelle has her share of male fan too

Charles Dickens would be proud

Michelle, woman of many hats, looks for a moment 'a little getai' here with her bouquet and her hat-obsessed duet partner

See the trailer here!
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