Dance Dance Dragon! A quick scoop with Kat Goh, the director

It is great to know that newer talents are given the chance to step up to a bigger stage. Kat Goh from Boku Films, who also won Best Film at SIFF, will direct first feature and will bear quite a big load. It's the annual Chinese New Year blockbuster and she goes neck and neck with possibly another Jack Neo film at the box office.

She will be directing MediaCorp Raintree Pictures’ Chinese New Year family movie Dance Dance Dragon! Dance Dance Dragon tells the story of Mother Loong who desires to have a grandchild. However, none of her three children have plans for any children. Things change for the Loongs on the first day of the 2012 Year of the Dragon when a newborn boy is found on their doorstep!

With a budget of 1.2 million, Dance Dance Dragon stars local stars Kym Ng, Adrian Pang, Dennis Chew and Malaysian artiste Auntie Lai Ming and Melvin Sia. The film is penned by Kelvin Tong and Marcus Chin, and marks Kat Goh’s directorial debut.

Shoot commences in November and be done entirely in Singapore. The movie will be distributed by Cathay-Keris Films and is slated to screen from mid January 2012.

We catch hold of Kat before the madness of shooting starts for a few questions.

How do you feel about having CNY film as a feature debut? (box office pressure and all?)

CNY films have always had a special place in my heart. Being so busy the whole year, Chinese New Year is the only time when I can get together with my family, relatives and friends and catching a movie has always been part of our itinerary. To be able to shoot a CNY movie is really an honor and I'm very grateful to Raintree for having enough faith in me to task me with a slot that's in such high demand. There's definitely pressure in regards to the box office but I have faith in the script and the actors and hopefully the shoot will be a really fun ride.

What will be the special Kat Goh touch to this film?

Actually, I have not shot enough projects to really have a Kat Goh touch. But to me relationships is a topic that's very important to me, whether it's between siblings, between a parent and a child, between 2 lovers, between friends. That'll be the thing I'll do my best to bring out amidst all the very colorful, loud and fun lion dancing, dragon dancing, ballroom dancing and Chinese New Year celebrations. Be prepared to feel a thug at your heartstrings.

What's special abt this film? compared to other CNY films?

Like Raintree's previous CNY movie, "It's a Great Great World", we have the full support of MCS so expect to see quite a lot of cameos as well as talented comedic actors like Kym Ng, Auntie Lucy, Adrian Pang, Marcus Chin and the very charismatic Malaysian singer-actor Melvin Sia and the very well-loved Auntie Lai Meng.

How much are you involved in creating the story (i know Kelvin and Marcus are doing the screenplay)?

Kelvin is the main creator of this story with a lot of input from Mr Man Shu Sum. I've worked with Kelvin for a very long time and he knows quite well what type of genre/story I like and what I can shoot well. So in a sense I'm very privileged to have him write the screenplay of my first feature. I do give my input as the script comes along but most of the time I'm already laughing as I read the script.

About Kat Goh

Cutting her teeth as an assistant producer on epic TV productions, Kat’s work on the small screen include blockbusters such as The Adventures Of Wisely, Dare To Strike, Cash Is King, Thank You Teacher and Tastefully Yours. In 2004, Kat made her television directorial debut with the highly-rated comedy series Durian King. In 2008, Kat’s first short film, Swimming Lesson, won the Best Short Film and Best Director Awards at the 2009 Singapore International Film Festival. More recently, Kat produced the 2011 blockbuster, Kelvin Tong's It’s A Great Great World.
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