Cine65 - The Singapore Identity - as we each see it

Another year passes and another video competition about home comes along. The question of the Singapore identity and sense of belonging is indeed one that draw much debate. With the questions raised during the elections and online about who Singapore really belongs to these days, there is a wealth of material and emotions to base these short films on. Cine65 is yet another short film competition that provides a platform for Singaporeans and people living here to express and embrace the Singapore identity.  It seems to mirror 'Home is where the Heart is' a short video competition organised by the British Council last year, except that the entries need to be longer and it is organised by the people most concerned about national identity, Nexus.

A set of commissioned pieces were created to set the tone and inspire entries. What's novel about the pieces  is that they are all different sides of a dice. 6 sets of characters, all in the same premise appearing in all the 6 clips, but each clip is told from the point of view of one or one set of the characters, which seems like a novel way to inspire people to give their version of the Singapore story. The clips are well-made but the titles insipid. Here are some cheeky suggested alternative titles. Enjoy!

Peanuts are expensive, you don't know what you are missing


Globalisation in Singapore - an inconvenient truth

Who's your daddy?

'Becoming Royston'

The birth of Singapore
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