ShoutOUT! : Singapore Fashion Film Festival

Fashion captured on film from 21 Oct to 5 Nov at Sinema Old School.

The Singapore Fashion Film Festival is the first festival to bring the world of Haute Couture, ateliers, fashion and designers creative process to Singaporean screens.

With 10 documentaries premiering in Singapore, SFFF brings you into the exclusive and exhilarating world of fashion weeks front rows, with celebrities, backstage passes and catwalk moments. Be the guest of some of the world's renowned ateliers in Paris, Milan, London and New York, and discover the exquisite mastery of the world's finest craftsmen.

SFFF will offer a wide selection of 52 mn to 98 mn full length documentaries picturing the world's most acclaimed designers who have shaped fashion over the last three decades and today's new talents in contemporary fashion.


Films screened include 

'The Day Before' - a ten-part documentary series by Loic Prigent. It essentially chronicles the final 36 hours prior to crucial seasonal runway shows featuring creations by some of the fashion world's leading designers like Donatella Versace and Marc Jacobs. 

'Paul Smith: Gentleman Designer' - documentary by Carrel Stephane on Paul Smith's empire of 400 shops and outlets in 35 countries, 12 clothing lines, 400 million euros in yearly revenues.

'The Secret World of Haute Couture' - documentary by Mary Kingmoth which takes you into the world of millionaire customers and world famous designers 

'Picture Me: A Model’s Diary' - documentary by Ole Schell & Sara Ziff in which Ole a filmmaker documents the rise of his model girlfriend Sara.

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