The highest grossing local film of 2011 now has a DVD

It's a small world after all, Kelvin Tong (the director) and I (Jeremy) get excited over common interests

Another week passes and another DVD launch comes along. There were the more academic and discussive ones at Books Kinokunya and there were the 'Ra-Ra' ones in the heartland malls. This has to be the fanciest one, complete with a sea-view, alcohol on the house, and life performances to stir up the nostalgia in the movie 'It's a Great Great World'.

Old world games in new settings and packaging

Amar and Jeremy getting into character 'on set'

Imelda Teo performs old Chinese caberet evergreens

No need to explain how you play this

Time to boogie woogie!

While the crowd's focus was partly diluted by the first anniversary celebration of Fabrika, the near-roof-top bar of the edgy Klapson's Hotel, I think the rule of the night - to eat, drink and be merry sufficed to make the trip worth it. Of course, the best part was to be able to have a pressure-free conversation with the director Kelvin Tong. He is not rushing down a red carpet, he is not tending to a dozen signature seekers, it's just him and his so-called 'indie-film' aspirations. He calls 'It's  Great Great World' an independent film. I feel that a film with a cast as big as Channel 8's Chinese New Year variety show, can hardly be called independent. I guess Kelvin is talking about Hollywood, Hong Kong or somewhere where commercial films are a complete product from churning out the screenplay to churning out the collectibles, like the DVDs. 

While we disagreed on the theoretical, we went back onto the same page on other things like his future projects, big and small. Like every filmmaker who's done and completed one big thing, he wants to try doing one small thing - something with 'video-clip' proportions but with impact. For a man who really knows what sells, I am sure his little thing won't stay little for too long. I look forward to seeinig it.

What you need to know about the highest grossing local film of 2010:

Produced by MediaCorp Raintree Pictures Pte Ltd, InnoForm Media Pte Ltd and Astro Shaw Sdn Bhd, “It’s A Great Great World” originally ran for nine weeks during Chinese New Year in 2011 and was the top grossing local film in Singapore with S$2.5million ticket sales at the box office. The DVD is available in stores from 1 September 2011.

Contents of the DVD

“Great World Once More” and “Amazing Great World” TV Special
Full Length Audio Commentary by Director
Photo Gallery from Gala Premiere
Press conference and movie stills

Rating: PG
Language: Mandarin, Dialects, with English Subtitles

Buy your mum one today!!!

Did you know Kelvin used to be a film reviewer too? ('here is hope for me!)
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