Sights and sounds of SINdie's MV shoot - Just the sounds

 Things get hot and saucy in the recording room. Rabil, our lead singer starts dancing, Jeremy (director) got infected while August (music arranger) could not take it anymore, he had to turn away from the camera!

This final installment of 'Another Home' behind-the-scenes takes us to the Recording studio. Those whose ears are sharp would have been able to tell that someone else was actually behind the voice of Chua Enlai. He is no other than 'YouTube star' Rabil Lian. Rabil himself has been involved in the music and entertainment scene for many years and is a great singer himself. If you are curious, here is one of many Rabil's YouTube videos, incidentally singing 'Home' a very different and refreshing version too!

Here 's a picture of Rabil in the production, as the supposedly overworked YOG volunteer (who did not get tickets to F1!)

Of course, there were also many other unsung and unseen heroes in the recording and they deserve their little moment of fame here.

This girl needs no introduction. She is Evon Chua, was a finalist at Campus Superstar, a familiar face to many teens. She played and also the tuition teacher's part.

Jed Senthil, the unmistakable construction worker with a fashionable long streak of hair on side, was actually voiced by myself (Jeremy) as he could not make it for the recording. He claimed he could have done a full Bollywood accent  on the singing.

The taxi driver, played by Gary Ow (below) had his part sung by Michael Liu, who appeared the video as the muscular chef.

There he is, Michael!

Rose Hasumi Lui , played and sung the unforgettable part of the toilet cleaner which captured the hearts of many people.

'I look so good in this, can consider it as a second career!'

A peek inside the sound engineer's room, The producer Clement Chua and the on-set photographer Junda look on as August and Jeremy listed ever so intently.

Completely buried in music.... or the errors in the music

The music is causing tremors!

August points out Rabil's unintentional 'saliva effect'

'Keep the doors closed at all times.' Clement says

We had a furry companion with us all through the recording. His name is Harvey. Though he failed the auditions, he was great to have on the set.

Hawk Liu and Sim Siying were 2 unseen heroes of the production. Just in case you thought you heard Luciano Pavarotti and Kiri Takenawa sing during the synchronised swimming and pool scene. It's our 2 local heroes here behind the microphone.

'So how? Was that good enough? It was the 20th time already.'

Of course, they were astounding. Here is evidence!

Alas, it was getting late and Harvey decided it was bed time and time to get us out of the studio. Here is his own way of saying goodbye!
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