Sights and sounds of SINdie's MV shoot - Day 3

Day 3 (final day) of shoot began at base camp - Old School, which provided the look for a military barrack. This is such perfect tableau - the entire crew, with each dept represented standing around our restless lead Chua Enlai, who seemed to have taken a liking to the concrete floor. Notice the shortage of army pants.

La la la la la.... This is the FULL pack song.

The turning point of the video when music starts.

When the choreographer disappeared on us, we had to rise to the occasion.

'Great view from up here!'

Our maids were sent for intensive training. They (Kelly and Wenxin) can be seen here learning how to hang clothes.

Jetstar meets Campus Superstar - Joanne-Marie Sim (who appeared in the JetStar ad) and Evon Chua (Campus Superstar finalist)

'With 6 maids, I feel on top of the world!'

Apart from the army backpack, maid training agencies are now also training maids to carry other things like the helmet, Standard Battle Order and a teddy bear.

The golden handshake between the stars who stole the show!
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