Sights and sounds of SINdie's MV shoot - Day 2

Sorry I forgot my steps... I got distracted by Enlai's underwear

Day 2 of the the SINdie MV shoot was the BIG day. We counted, there were 50 people to deal with on set - 30 cast and 20 crew. All spending a hot and wet afternoon at Republic Polytechnic swimming pool. Here are the sights and sounds!

Who run the world? ..........Maids and (Enlai) (attempting Beyonce-like moves)

The Great Singapore Workout is a great warm up!

Singing my blues away

We train our maids well. Their service come with a smile.
'Poor girls, they need an umbrella like me.'

'Do you have to carry your boy boy's army bag?'

The items make 'Strange bedfellows'

Puppetry was an important component in the video

'Love these reflectors, helps protect my skin'

Cherlyn our assistant director is glad to be under protection
'What?! Not coming??  %@*&^%!'

Poor lizard, it thought it would have been nice to take a dip. It was wrong.

It took a girl to save everyone from the lizard

This is one glamorous maid

And one helluva-young fishmonger (Yong Wei)
Preparing for Operation River Crossing

'Are you ready for your synchronised swimming lessons?'

'I shaved.'
Who needs Laticia when you have 5 to serve you!

These characters (cleaner, construction worker, carpark attendant, maid etc) never make it to our national day banners... they so deserve to be celebrated!

Stay tuned for Day 3 and Post Production and of course the FINAL video. All out this week!
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