Sights and Sounds of SINdie's MV shoot - Day 1

The construction site scene - we were all trying our best to look like we were not shooting anything related to the construction site when in actual fact it was and we were really attempting a 'shoot and run'!
No stranger would bat an eyelid on this but the real workers there would be wondering 'where this newbie is from and why his boots are cleaner than theirs!'
'X-rated' - open for viewing only to the DOP (Audi) and director (Jeremy)

Grrrrr....I am Hairy Spice!
'Hey mate! Hope to see around more in the neighbourhood!'

10 people congregating in a toilet and clapping... some big business eh?

A happy occasion in a toilet
Bear spotting on the roadsie...

Jeremy (in the oriental suit) decides to taichi away some of his responsibilities (don't you love the 'Lomo' finishing of the pic?
A familiar scene in many Singapore home - TUITION
Had to release the boy who was getting restless, so our poor teacher had to teach to an imaginary kid.

Rose perfected the very 'Cham' (pathetic in Hokkien) look as she cleaned the mirrors of the Old School toilet
'Aiyo! Hope I get one month MC.'

Malcolm our actor could not 'bear' the headache that came with putting on his costume

Stay tuned for Day 2, Day 3 and more!
If you missed it, here are some snapshots from the rehearsals too!
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