Photosplash: cINE65 Field Trip to Shooting Gallery Asia

I was at the Shooting Gallery Asia yesterday for a field trip workshop as part of cINE65's efforts to promote and cultivate budding filmmakers. I spent my time following a group of students from SOTA (School of the Arts) as they went around various stations in the Shooting Gallery. While it was less informative than I had expected, the trip was nonetheless a huge eye-opener for me and a great exposure for young filmmakers who get to see for themselves the fascinating world behind the scenes of filmmaking.

Nick from Sinema opens the session with a short introduction.

Louisa, Creative Director of Artison Asia, giving us a tour of the Art Department. Look how fascinated we all are.

Some of the many props and wardrobe in the Art Department.

A 70s Chinese home setup.

At the next station, Suon Oon of Wishing Well Imaging Station explaining how they shot over 1000 ants to create the print advertisement for Heineken.

A photographer directs a horror scene with two volunteers from SOTA.

Explaining the various thought processes that go into a studio shoot, such as lighting ratios and composition of elements.

Behind the scenes of the horror scene shot.

Next, we saw the set up for a balloon bursting in slow motion. The technician explains how they use precise mechanisms such as soldering iron and laser guides to ensure minimal errors in the shot.

The scene was shot by a Phantom Gold HD at 1000fps.

Watch the video for the really cool playback!

Tada! The end of the field trip with all the people who made it possible.

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