First Take July Photosplash

Here is a photospread (by the students of Singapore Polytechnic) of First Takes July, a free monthly screening of short films by up-and-coming local filmmakers, held at The Substation every first Monday of the month.

1st job of the day....Slicing Survey Forms
Audience about to feast their eyes on a total of 6 films for the night
Filmmakers Preparing for their verbal defense against the audience's questions
'Should I ask or should I not?'
Aishah: "So What's your take on her question,Shi Xiong?"
Shi Xiong responds to the audience's Question
An audience of deep thinkers
Muhd Afiq Bin Sa'don, a student pursuing a Diploma in Sonic Arts in Republic Polytechnic and the director for the film 'Skate'.
Liew Shi Xiong,the only filmmaker with 2 short films screened on the same night
The team from the film 'The Fish & the Ring'.
The audience votes for the best film of the night, which gives it a chance to be re-screened at the Best Of First Takes in December.
The conversations linger on between filmmakers and audience after they are out of the Theatre

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