Singapore Arts Fest 2011: Snippets from the VERY SHORT INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL

Themed 'I want to remember', a selection of films from the Very Short International Film Festival 2011 brought out a sepia-toned nostalgia to the audience at the Secondary Stage of the Singapore Arts Festival.

Here's a look at some of the films screened and how much it made us miss the good-ol times, or what we'll call the Nostalgia Factor (on a scale of 1 to 5).

Twiggy (1972 - 2011) by Randy Ang

A posthumous tribute to a trustworthy, albeit inanimate aide to the narrator. Scenes of this relentless "partner" basking in its glory heydays, coupled with an affecting narrative and attention-to-visuals succeed in bringing a nostalgic smile to the audience and downplay the pun-laced revelation of its departure.

Nostalgia Factor 3.5/5

煲汤 (Boil Soup) by Shyan Tan

Centered on a timeless act of love familiar to traditional Chinese families, the cyclical traditions of a culture un-used to outward displays of affection finds its voice through a simple concoction in the kitchen.

Nostalgia Factor 4/5

Forgotten by Nadiah Nordin

A walk through a Malay cemetery coupled with an interview with its faithful caretaker whose simple laissez-faire attitude you sense is what has stood him in good stead through the years. Title is somewhat a misnomer as you think you'd have seen (or imagined) more unkempt places of the departed than this rather well-kept place awash with visitors during Malay festivities.

Nostalgia Factor 2/5

Playback by Tan Siang Yu

Playful memories of days gone by re-experienced in the present through heartwarming encounters. Brings out the point that some things never change, simply because they don't have to. A personal favourite in this selection. Watch it here >

Nostalgia Factor 4/5

Ubin by Muhammad Farhan Shafie

A narrative of grievances on Singapore's last claim to a rural community stained by pollution and neglect. Nature lovers notwithstanding, most would probably find it grappling at straws a little. Was it ever known for clean roads?

Nostalgia Factor 2.5/5

Forgotten Merlion by Alqudcy Ghazi

Singapore's national anthem. A reminder of your worry-free days at school, a staunch display of unyielding patriotism, or a fresh experience of a new land b(r)ought into? Have we forgot where we came from, or simply moved on to better things? Watch it here >

Nostalgia Factor 3.5/5

Were you part of the audience that night? Leave your thoughts (or memories).
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