Behind the Scenes of the Pink Dot Campaign Video

Miss the electric atmosphere of the GE 2011 rallies? Come and experience a similar one. Support the freedom to love on 18th June by turning up at Hong Lim Park (in the afternoon) in all shades of Pink. Pink Dot 2011, the event is a gathering of bodies and hearts to show support for the openness and love between people, regardless of their sexual orientation. People will be literally forming a BIG PINK DOT that will be captured on high-rise camera. Anyone can attend – straight and gay.

It is NOT a protest. It is a congregation of people who believe that everyone deserves a right to love, regardless of their sexual orientation. Fear and bigotry can get in the way of love – between friends, family and other loved ones – so this is an event for everyone who believes that LGBT individuals are equally deserving of strong relationships with our family and friends.

Find out more about the event at the official Pink Dot Page here.

I (Jeremy) was involved in a recent Pink Dot campaign video shoot supporting the producer. Boo Junfeng was the director and our shoot happened on the very exciting and scorchingly hot Polling Day and the day after. Here's a peek behind the scenes!

Junfeng framing a shot at our first location in Simei flat

See the difference between real life and reel life colours? 

Recruit! How come you don't know how to tie your shoelaces? Meanwhile, our wardrobe assistant watches on as the boys do their thing

The sweat-wiping accessory over Chia Meng's (assistant director) neck sat well with his outfit

That's me (Jeremy) and our bushy soundman

Two balls of hair in this photo, the boom mike and of course, our good friend from the picture before this

Pink Dot is a great accessory for all occasions and locations

There was a power failure at 9 plus at Hua Yi Secondary School. We panicked as we were not done with the army bunk scene. And there was another scene at another location to be shot. And of course, there were the election results to catch! Stressssss.....

'Did WP win Aljunied or not?' - checking the election results as we shot

Wan Ping, our DOP, gets into the frame himself

This shot's lovely isn't it?

Picnic in the middle of a traffic junction in Orchard Road

My sons, my gorgeous two sons!

Helpless baby and his screen mother Janice Koh (whose back looks great in this photo)

Baby and his real parents who kindly turned up in pink as well to be part of the scene

Production crew training to be a waitress

The beautiful set up behind the single line 'I am focussing on my studies.' 

 Now see the final product here, especially if you haven't. And do come down to Hong Lim Park in the afternoon on 18 June to join in the fun!

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