The Long and Winding Road to see Tom Hanks... at the Closing Gala

There were essentially 3 things worth watching at Screen Singapore, the nation's inaugural film market to the world - Zhang Ziyi, Super 8 and of course Tom Hanks. At his age, he is definitely still drawing the crowds. But after all, he is everybody's favourite simpleton Forest Gump. I think the organisers know it themselves that the films hardly added to any excitement in the week long event, instead the real highlights were the red carpet events that stood side by side with flip-slop wearing shoppers. Here are the snapshots of the red carpet event at the Closing Gala event that feature Larry Crowne, acted and directed by Tom Hanks.

Journalists and bloggers perch themselves up for good shots
Doesn't look like Singapore, does it?

Yong Mun Chee and her cast stopped for an interview at the red carpet

Orchard ups the glam factor; strangely they played generic rousing music at the red carpet, those you would hear at a sport meet (stretching the YOG dollar?)

The best place to stand was not amongst the crowd

Among this huge crowd of beautiful people were models, actors, businessmen, socialites and 1 filmmaker

 Waiting for the arrival of Tom Hanks

There he is! Next to the barricades. The lady (supposedly a chaperone), looks like an over-eager fan

 Snap snap snap

Tom opens his speech with how he was fascinated by kungfu movies and it opened his eyes to how different cinema could be from here. Err... the only Kungfu from Singapore in recent times could have been Cleopatra Wong, otherwise it might have been 881. I am not sure if Tom was referring to them.

The best part of the evening (other than the film itself) was when Tom made his exit. He shoo-ed the 2 emcees off stage saying that they were wasting time and everybody was just waiting to watch the movie already. In good humour of course. Thanks Tom for not giving Singapore a 50% discount in your presence. We forgive you for thinking this is Hong Kong.

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