Fashioning a 'Global' Film Event - Screen Singapore

Pulling off Screen Singapore, the week long film market was no mean feet, I mean, feat.
 But the stars (homegrown and foreign) made the effort. Here is the evidence.
It was humbling to see Ziyi Zhang putting in the effort to dress up for the inaugural Screen Singapore. Using her Hollywood connections, she consulted Lady Gaga on this ensemble.

Ziyi Zhang answering a difficult question on how big her ........... er... ambitions are, ever since she started a filmmaking school.

Collin Chou, actor from the film 'Mural' looking sharply-dressed down

Cathay looks entirely transformed with the red carpet and the foreign talents

'Finally, we can laugh at these unimaginative Singaporeans in their T-shirts.'

Japanese delegate explaining to Enlai how her dress for the occasion had been aptly inspired by the Merlion.

The guys have it easy, its a black tie event after all

The women have a harder time, having to recreate everything from curtains to

to chandeliers

Delegate from Japan who flew in for the wrong event : 'You mean, the YOG is over?'

 'Xiaxue Diaries' the movie had its fair share of fans

Is that a tuft of hair sticking out on his right? Awesome costumes!

The extremes of nutrition
'Just in case you don't know, I was Tom Cruise's body double.'

'I want a Singapore Passport.'
Girls, the D&D is in the next ballroom

'I guess I should have worn my platform shoes'

'Will wearing these affect your sperm count?'

77th Street Founder Elim Chew arrives disappointed with Singapore fashion
Is she carrying a towel?

Orange carpets for the NC16 category

A presentation on how the boy was made

'I'm a star! I'm a star! Justin Bieber is so going to hate me!'

Christopher Lee played him out

'Will you be in my next 3D erotica film?'
Yes!!! We know its the gala premiere!!! Even though the jeans don't quite tell it

The T-shirt-bermudas ensemble made its rounds in Screen Singapore. This one even has a waistpouch

Mun Chee had a thing for young boys in her film

Stay tuned for more red carpet moments from the Closing gala event
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