Fashioning a 'Global' Film Event Part 2 - Screen Singapore

Here is part 2 and final part of the Screen Singapore fashion report.

The charming ensemble cast from the movie 'Holland Village - Diary of an expat housewife'

The crowd goes 'Boomz'.
'Do I really have to answer her question?'

'How many times must we tell you we are not acting in Channel 5 anymore?'
It's hard to do black tie events in Singapore, the humidity just makes you sticky and itchy
A little too early for Pink Dot

'If anyone saw my pants around here, please return them to me.'

No comments. This is one gorgeous lady who can even make table cloth look sexy

Taking the cue from Yangtze Cinema at Pearl Centre, Lido decided to allow umbrellas to brought in to the serve the needs of some of its patrons

'Don't you dare scandalise Screen Singapore or I will hit you with my LV bag! It's my hubby's baby ok.'

Elim Chew, founder of 77th Street, dressing the part for her upcoming film 'School of Hard Knocks'
'Dammit, Zhang Ziyi has to spoil my red carpet moment by wearing purple too.'

'Aiya, better just sign this one and give Singapore its money's worth.'
'This girl is insecure, she kept speaking to me in Mandarin and clinging on to me the whole night.'

Background Girl#1: I thought I saw this dress at OG.
Background Girl#2: Cannot be, my mum bought the last one.

'Did you get your daily dose of Fortune Cookies and Chop Suey?'
The man of the night doing his job.
The lady next to him: 'I've got the best job in the world, I get Tom Hanks calling me by my first name.'

'Let me introduce you to Mr Tan, he owns a Bak Kwa factory and he might be interested in funding your next movie if you can feature his Bak Kwa.'
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