Blue Mansion DVD launch - Glen Goei in between Blue and Yellow

Glen Goei launched the Blue Mansion DVD Box Set (which contains 'Forever Fever' as well) last Sunday 5 June at Books Kinokunya. With the help of expressive Tan Kheng Hua, a simple event like this could almost be a talk show. It also helped that Glen easily engages his audience with his generous 'love'.

The launch brought the audience back more than ten years, exploring Glen's first film 'Forever Fever', his last film 'The Blue Mansion' and everything in between. While anecdotes of the shooting of 'The Blue Mansion' were generously shared, the real gems of the sessions were Glen's comments about filmmaking, dealing with his working partners and life in Singapore. Here are some snapshots and videos from the session.

Two theatre powerhouses share the stage and stopped some traffic at the bookstore

Kheng Hua brings us back to the late 90s when Pierre Png was still a Shatec student. She gets Glen to share how he pulled the cast and crew together for 'Forever Fever'.

A burning question: how Glen wears the theatre and the film hat differently

Film bloggers Stefan Shih and Richard religiously capturing every video opportunity

As Glen has aptly put it, filmmakers have a responsibility to tell good story and to document history. You never know if your film could end up as educational fodder for the next generation. 'Forever Fever' did.

Hey all bosses, directors and producers, you need to spread a bit of love like Glen!

Parting note: Glen shares about his next film project 'Yellow Flowers', which presents the reverse side of the social divide from 'The Blue Mansion'

Finally, Glen had a strange dream that he would be late for the DVD launch. Wonder what that dream meant? To get deeper into the mind of Glen Goei, the director, get your DVD box sets today.
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