Snapshots from the Cast & Crew screening of 'Red Dragonflies'

'Red Dragonflies' opened amidst the election fever in Singapore and seemed visually to coincide with the theme of 'reclaiming Singapore' pretty well. After all, the film presented glimpses of things we left behind, working seniors (working hard in the kitchen that is!) and extended views of the National Junior College P.E. attire which is as red as the Singapore Democratic Party. Playing to a warm and friendly crowd consisting of cast and crew, here are some snapshots from the event.

Cast and crew amassed for a shot

Young stars want a piece of the limelight too

Filmmakers Green Zeng and June Chua (director of 'Red Dragonflies' Liao Jiekai in the centre) prove that you sometimes need to suffer for your art.

Well-known Suria TV director Sanif Olek shares a picture with Chew Tee Pao from the Asian Film Archive

Veteran TV face Chen Meiguang tells of us that time flies, we have all aged. She is happy to see the film after one-year of Singapore playing 'hard-to-get' with the film.

Singapore Premiere of 'Red Dragonflies' at the Southeast Asian Film Festival at 8Q@SAM.

Fanboys from SINdie - Darren (with white headphones) and Jeremy (white shirt with specs) wait for their free posters!

Directed by emerging Singapore filmmaker, Liao Jiekai, the film 'Red Dragonflies' premiered in Singapore last month to a sold out audience at the Southeast Asian Film Festival and is now showing exclusively at Filmgarde Cineplex, Iluma (Bugis). Tickets are available for online booking here:

Winner of the Special Jury Prize at the Jeonju International Film Festival 2010, Red Dragonflies is a Singapore film about friendship, passing youth and Singapore's disappearing history. 
Read SINdie's review of 'Red Dragonflies' by Raymond Tan here.
"I found myself enthralled throughout, not wanting to miss a single moment." Raymond Tan
Finally, here is the rtailer of 'Red Dragonflies'

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