2SSFA - 'Flux' by Nigel Heng

An international finalist in the Jumping Frames Film Festival held in Hong Kong last year. Flux is an experimental short film that questions the role of a housewife, content with simply taking care of household chores everyday and perhaps nothing much else. She dances through her daily routine, finding excitement in run-of-the-mill roles like cooking, and cleaning. Or does she?

The irony of losing oneself in the process is emphasized in Nigel Heng’s work, a collaboration with local dance choreographer Elysa Wendi of the Arts Fission Company. The protagonist seems happy. She starts dancing in her home, unknowingly under the watchful gaze of the intrusive voyeuristic audience. Her dance steps are sleek, bordering on the visceral yet harbouring a geisha-esque feel of restriction. And she sheds her hair and skin along the way, a symbolism of losing one’s outer personality until there is barely an empty core left.
This film was nominated at the 2nd Singapore Short Film Awards for Best Editing, Best Cinematography and Best Experimental film.
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