2SSFA - 'CMYK' by Khoo Yi Hui

'CMYK' is a clever and endearing take on a component of everyday life that we take for granted - the printer. Four character enter a world of pencil sketchings, they are (and no prizes for guessing) Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key (for Black). They are actually paintbrushes each in one of the 4 colours. They come across what looks like a basin which actually acts as a trampoline in which they bounce on it and spread their colour in the uplift. The novelty of the idea is complemented by the fluidity of the animation. In fact, its polished craft makes it possible for it to be mistaken as a UIC paint commercial! I also like how it is gawkily sweet at the end when Mr Blackbrush tries to contribute but makes a mess of the whole picture, which the other '3 friends' don't seem to mind in the end.
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