TNP First Film Fest :13 Year-old crowned as the winner of the Festival!

13 Year-old,Amos Yee,won the First Film Fest with his work Jan.

Besides being crowned the grand winner, Amos also snagged the Best Actor Award.

Irene and her Fly Entertainment artistes,Mindee and Pamelyn Chee present the award to Best Actor,Amos. (video taken by Darren Ong who was a little drunk, apologies for that)

Kumar making an AWESOME appearance with her friend,DIVA while revealing Nat Ho for the nomination of Best Actress Nomination.

The Winner Goes to~ *Drum Roll*

Quick Chat with the Youngest Filmmaker...

Amos Won a Sony NEX-VG10E Camcorder with SAL24F20Z lens, LA-EA1 adaptor and
PRO-HG Duo HX 16GB memory stick worth about $5,500

Tabula Rasa won the 1st Runner up:
Sony HDR-CX550E Camcorder with PRO-HG Duo HX 16GB memory stick
worth about $2,700

The Last Job won the 2nd Runner up:
SONY HDR-CX350E Camcorder with PRO-HG Duo HX 16GB memory stick
worth about $2,100

Besides these,The top 10 films will get MICA grants worth $5,000,as follows(In Random Order)
  1. Bandh
  2. Escaping Reality
  3. Facebook Obsessions
  4. Jerry
  5. Square One
  6. You Are My Inspiration
  7. I Am Nothing Without ______
  8. Here,I Will Always Be
  9. The Artisans
  10. Ordinary
We are a young team... but not too young for alcohol....(left to right) Jeremy, Melody and Darren
SINdie with David Liu,Producer of "Tabula Rasa"SINdie was Here...

Look out for our 'Production Talk' interviews with the winners soon...

"Is he Singapore's Justin Bieber?"
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