Snapshots from Singapore Short Film Awards 2011

Jack Neo, Guest-of-honour opens the awards

Nominees of the Awards in the foreground

Born 8 minutes apart, identical twins Harry and Henry receive the award for Best Animation.

Can u tell the difference between Henry and Harry?

Rajagopal picking up several awards for the night

Receiving the prize on behalf of 'Best Performer' from 'Checkmate' by Mohd Yasshir

Yuni sets the stage for the Honorary Award

Alaric Tay shares his account of his friendship with Li Lin

The Hug of a decade old Friendship

Li Lin introduces one of the young actresses in her early short film 'Autograph' book, who has blossomed into a young lady

Freddie from Infinite Frameworks:"Let there be a winner in this category"
After 2 categories of No Winners...

Director of the Best Fiction short Raihan Harun's composed thank you

Singapore Short Film Awards 'Class Photo'

Left to right: K Rajagopal, Wee Li Lin, Jeremy Sing, Darren Ong, Grace Foo

Photographs are courtesy of Objectifs School of Filmmaking & Photography
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