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SLAYER / ANWAR WU / 8 MIN / 2009 / TBA

A young average girl stumbles upon a man dressed in white, bleeding profusely, and strives to help him. Little does she know that a mysterious man in black will include her in his hunting spree.

Anwar is a Singaporean of both Malay and Chinese descent. A graduate from MDIS in 2008, with an Advanced Diploma in Mass Communications, he is currently pursuing his degree in film, at Lasalle College of the Arts.


December, a flight ticket, a digital camera, a quiet moment = result.

Sunset is part of a series of short experimental “visual sketches” collected by the artist in his travels.

Ezzam Rahman is a practicing multi-disciplinary artist and an accidental filmmaker. He recently completed his Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Fine Arts from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, University of Huddersfield. He was formally trained in LASALLE SIA College of the Arts. As an artist, he has participated and co-curated numerous local and international group exhibitions, events and festivals. His works vary from the choice of medium, concepts and strategies of presentation. Ezzam also enjoys talking to himself, and smiles to sleep..


Three boys try to escape poverty by heading to the city to form a band. The journey of them being discovered leaves their mother all alone at home.

Trio Dekil was produced as part of the director’s objective while participating in the Jatiwangi Artists in Residence Festival (JARF 2010). The director conducted a scriptwriting workshop with the educators and acting workshop with the elementary school theater club. With the script from the educator, he works with the fifteen kids to produce the film that was inspired from an open source street song.

Ghazi Alqudcy enjoys telling stories through digital film. His works vary in its approach – from fictional narratives, to documentaries, to experimental projects. Thematically, Ghazi has touched on issues of sexuality, spirituality, and death. During his free time, he loves to indulge himself in a slumber party with his friends and that is how he usually gets inspired. Currently his motto is, ‘ Buy less t-shirts and do more films’.

First Take

Monday 4 April, 8pm
The Substation Theatre

Entry By Donation

Presented by The Substation Moving Images

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