The Scene at Mise En SIN

Making a call to ....God? on this old 80s style coin telephone

Don't you love the colours?!
Behind every poster at Mise En SIN is an extra strong double-sided sticky that will be our next big headache.

Someone commented on facebook: very nice, very local, very indie, very Substation. Mmmmm.... need a day to ponder about that last part. lol.
In Chinese, the words read 'Lang Hua' (sea waves) nightclub. We discovered this after we bought this coin-telephone from Sungei market and feel in love with it!
Goh Yong Wei, a blogger himself walked into the exhibition not knwoing he was soon to meet his double on the wall. Isn't this cute? Same hair, specs, face, shirt! His blog post made it to the headline of You can read his full blog post here.

Mise En SIN (organised by us) will be on at the Substation for about 2 weeks or more from today. Admission is free. And you can order your favourite posters too!
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