A Hearty Gala Premiere for 'Forever'

On Li Lin's facebook a few days back:
"Didn't arrange seatings for my wedding,now have to for my film"
Well, for filmmakers the lines between real life and reel life is always blur...
Here are some snapshots from the fun and exciting gala premiere of 'Forever'.
Me (Darren) and Li Lin at the premiere!

Li Lin looking Proud in her best!
The one lady behind "the best" of Li Lin, Jo Soh(also the owner of design label Hansel) .

Sarah, one of the leading actress from 'Forever' deals with the media

Now...Over to the Reception area
Does this look like a gala premiere or a wedding reception to you?
A buffet row fill with (styrofoam) Hearts!Back to the Registration...
Samuel to me:你在偷拍我吗?

The crew at the registration buried in the unenviable work of registration for the event.
KUDOS to them~!

Meet the cast!
"Theatre's happiest couple" giving their best wishes to "Forever"Show is starting...On the biggest Screen in Vivo~!

After Screening event
Li Lin receives congratulatory messages from the attendees
Darren:"Finally a photo with Joanna" *smirks*

As the crowd went off, the workers were quick to get to work.... Singapore is sometimes too efficient!

Poster changes swiftly from "Forever" to the next Gala Premiere(Guess what is it?)

Here is a LIVE version of Forever
starring Li Lin as "Joey" and Charles as "Gin"
Perhaps the story will be equally interesting~!
(Charles is that special Man in Li Lin's life by the way.)
In Comparison to end everything off~!

Forever will be on its run from March 3 2011(THAT'S TODAY!)

For more info on the movie,visit here

Here's me making a late night signing off~!
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