2SSFA - 'Rice' by Sofrie Yusof

The film's title and its publicity still of someone's mouth being stuffed with rice froze my attention for a while. The simple title belies the twisted expressionism of the film. Rice, a commodity so familiar with all Asians is used in a way that subverts the traditionally and almost sacredly-held notion that it is our lifeblood, something to be treasured and wasting would be like a sin. Here, the protagonist, abused by her parents (not made very apparent) takes revenge on her parents. While both lean their 'dead-body weight' on the sofa, she stuffs their mouths with rice, humiliating them. With the film ending there, it neither seems to be making a statement or telling a story. Perhaps more like doing something many directors are guilty of (to different levels of subtlety) - sadistic expression.
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