Taste of CNY in Anthony Chen's 'Reunion Dinner'

SINdie wishes all of you a hoppity new lunar Year! May you leap off to greater things this year. Here's a shot of inspiration from filmmaker Anthony Chen.

Anthony spent Nov last year making 'The Reunion Dinner' a short film that explores the evolution of how CNY is being celebrated over the years, with very show-stopping scenes of the 60s/70s chinatown in celebration. This film is currently being screened at River Hongbao every night and the Singapore Chinese Orchestra has provided the music accompaniment to it. The short film is also available on DVDs up for sale at $5 each. Get one and remember how the kids used to not fear firecrackers unlike the kiasi parents of today. Lastly, here is a link to some behind-the-scenes photos and video footages from the production.
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