Who's Shooting What? 2011: Tony Kern

Here's what Tony Kern(Director of HAUNTED CHANGI) has in mind for 2011
Director: Tony Kern
Name of project: Third Eye Open

A collection of horrific tales unfold when a detective opens his third eye in order to solve a case involving the occult in Singapore.

Each tale stands on it's own and has it's own twist ending, but they will also be connected to the main "wrap around" story. When I'm further along, I can reveal a description of each of the 6 stories in the movie. The stories are unique to Singapore culture, but the movie would have international appeal. Some strong influences on the stories and script were the 1960's Japanese horror movie KWAIDAN, and especially Rod Serling's TWILIGHT ZONE & NIGHT GALLERY series, along with many old horror stories and comics from the past in general. I hope to make the film very stylized, but it will NOT be in line with the current crop of horror/comedy that is very popular here -- just stylized horror.

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