Who's Shooting What? 2011: Idzwan Othman

Which is Inspector Harun?

Director:Idzwan Othman
Name of film: Inspector Harun (working title)

Brief description and statement:
It's quite a modest little project. History has always been a big part of me, and as I was growing up, I was always inspired and humbled by the stories that my grandfather told me of his time in the Singapore police force. He saw service throughout the Japanese occupation, the infamous riots and even the Confrontation.

I wanted to make a simple film based on those accounts. So I went to see him with a tape recorder, my SLR and took a bunch of his archive photos back home. It's a collection of his stories - from first signing up in 1935 to serving under the Japanese, and even a brush with death during the racial riots of 1964. He worked through the ranks and eventually retired as a Sub Inspector.

Half narrated by him (with my dad chipping in for effect - he served in the armed forces as well) and myself, I guess it's somewhat of a slightly different Ken Burns style piece - a personal tribute to the man. Though he may not be the ultimate hero nor do his stories rival that of others during that era, it's a story that is close to my heart.
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