Trying to experience 'blogger-pampering' at the opening of 'Homecoming'

Lai Weijie, a filmmaker himself, works as concierge at the gala premiere of the latest film 'Homecoming' or ‘笑着回家’。 The poster is somewhat old-fashioned and intentionally so I feel. It's got that old-school 'show-all-character-faces' style and the faces look painted.

Being at the red carpet event was electrifying. You would be amazed how Jack Neo never fails to pull in the crowd and this time without being in drag. Even Mark Lee is starting to get his own fan base, which gives hope for show-biz wannabes. The cast, seen here is not doing some team motivation cheer, they are tossing Yu Sheng, a colourful part (or shall I say scene) in the film.

Citizen journalists these days can compete with media in terms of documenting an event.

Actress and my friend Sharon turns the heat on in this picture with 'warm glow'.
Raymond Tan and myself (Jeremy Sing) were actually invited as bloggers instead of media for a change because we signed up with's 'Homecoming' blogger invite to the premiere. Being greedy kiasu Singaporeans, we saw freebies like free tickets and a chance to mingle with the cast, so we decided to go a 'a blogger' instead of media.

It was strange being part of the blogger group because we felt a bit like in a quarantine - we were in this cinema hall with lots of empty seats and it was strange knowing the main action and the thousand congratulations was happening in cinema hall 1. Oh well, we enjoyed the extra legroom!
Turning up at the cast party was a tad strange because when we entered, the bloggers were seated in an orderly fashion on both sides of the Gallery Bar. We thought we entered a self-help session or something, we were all so quiet! (Doesn't help they only serve orange juice and not alcohol!). Ah Niu (阿牛), Jack Neo, Koe Yeet and Rebecca Lin made a late appearance. While waiting, we were speculating if the cast would actually sincerely enjoy entertaining the generally lukewarm blogger group or gives us the 'I do this job' every other day. Thankfully, they managed to entertain with words.....

And music.

Catchy song eh..... and of course pictures :))
Actress Rebecca Lim and SINdie writer Raymond Tan

Freebies!!! We won ourselves each a soundtrack CD from the movie which is basically the same song sung by the different artistes and there are the HK-accented versions and the vanilla versions. LOL!
By the way, the movie was a blast! Thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We learnt a lesson too: NEVER never throw away your 4D ticket
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