ShoutOUT!: "Crowd-funding" for Leon Cheo's The Three Sisters

Our Guest Writer,Leon Cheo,is gonna make a film....AND HE NEEDS EVERYONE'S HELP HERE!
About The Three Sisters
Over an evening of Chinese Opera at the Esplanade theatre, the peacemaker of three sisters (in their seniority), Poh Sim, must survive a night with them, coming to terms that she loves her sisters but they also drive her mad.

Here's the Kick...for people who pledge money to fund his new short film: you get perks! Be it a signed DVD, poster, screening tickets or creative input – it’s time you get something back!

So...How will the money will be used?
Funds will be used to pay for food, transportation, rented equipment, locations, props, and token fees for cast and crew alike. The shoot is scheduled for four to five days. The film will be shot on High Definition and have an estimated running time of 15 minutes. The director/writer will not be taking a fee. In addition, the director will be contributing $2000 to make up the rest of the budget.

It's a little tough to survive as an independent filmmaker, but it is even tougher to survive in Singapore as an independent filmmaker.
Support Singapore Independent films!

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