It's A Great Great World-Reliving the past

Darren(Ong) witnessing Kelvin Tong's Red Carpet moment at the Gala Premiere
The emcees having a quick chat with director of the film,Kelvin
Kelvin struts past proudly on the red carpet!
In the past, the box office was like this, now we have AXS machine to process our movie tickets orders!

All-too-familiar faces at the Gala Premiere...The cast appeared in 4 batches due to the 4-story structure in the film. This group appeared in the Wing Choon Yuen restaurant segment. Wing Choon Yuen is the former name for the current Spring Court restaurant at Chinatown.

Jeremy (Sing) : 'Not sure how to pose with this rickshaw....mmmm'

Nostalgic Lok Lok(Kebab) on the bench,That is how it is placed on in the past...A wooden pushcart with a metal plate to place the food.However,this version does not have a special sauce to dip in. We tried and it was cold, so we wondered if they were meant for display actually..... No stomach ache so far.......
(Believe it or not,it used to cost 5 cents for a stick of Lok Lok!)
Kacang Putih and Biscuit in Tin boxes...but HEY,what's Modern?
(Spot it?Drop us a comment!)

SINdie duo with 'nostalgia king' Royston Tan who happens to be one of the VIPs of the Gala Premiere. Wonder how Great Great World will be like if he directed it?

SINdie duo with the man of the night, Kelvin Tong. Thanks Kelvin for your kind words about the blog! Stay tuned for an interview with Kelvin on making It's a Great Great World, 大世界。
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