I don't know about you guys, but my biggest New Year's resolution this year is... well, to keep to most of my resolutions. So far, I'm not doing to well. I guess I'm not surprised. I have a track record in failing hard in this area!

My goals for self improvement have almost come to a grinding halt. I have not been to the gym for close to 3 weeks. I'm constantly procrastinating even though I told myself I would stop doing so this year. I'm not reading as much as I initially planned to. And earlier on in the year, I promised myself I would go on a 6 month ice-cream fast, just to build up my self control and discipline myself to eat more heathily. If you don't quite know or can't quite imagine how hell is like, you could put yourself up to such a masochistic challenge too. Everytime you walk past the zillion ice cream shops springing up all over town, you might just bleed a little inside.

Not that I want to bore you guys with the banal details of my life or bog you down with such an unwelcome dose of negativity... oh wait. I actually do. Because misery loves company! But since one of my New Year's resolutions in 2011 is also to love people a little more (except annoying people who push and shove through the mrt carriage just to grab a seat, or those who refuse to give up their seats to the elderly. I'm sorry but a zombie could be eating them alive and I wouldn't give a damn) and to spread joy to the lives of others(nominate me for the Nobel Peace Prize already!), I shall take this time to redeem myself a little and let you guys know of a comedy - one that is sure to make you laugh.

More about the movie:


Genre: Comedy
Director: Lee Thean-Jeen
Cast: Mark Lee, Jack Neo, A Niu, Afdlin Shauki, Jacelyn Tay, Huang Wenhong, Rebecca Lim, Koe Yeet, Liu Ling Ling
RunTime: 1 hr 30 mins

Synopsis: "Homecoming" is about three stories of three different individuals going home for Chinese New Year. A major highlight of the movie is that Jack Neo, who will be cross-dressing on the big screen again after eleven years since "Liang Po Po The Movie" back in 1999. He will be playing mother to Ah Niu's character. It is said that he was told to lose at least 5kg for his role. Jack Neo long time collaborator Mark Lee and Malaysian multi-talented writer-director-comedian Afdlin Shauki are among the cast.

Opening Date: 3 February 2011


Is it wrong if I actually think Jack Neo, even though merely only cross dressing, looks alot better than a lot of the angry aunties in the neighbourhood? hmm. He is also joined by his longtime collaborator Mark Lee, and others in this star-studded line-up include Jacelyn Tay and Rebecca Lim.

Another reason why I recommend this movie? As the age-old adage goes, "the house is not a home". We live, breathe, eat and sleep in the same apartment as a few others, but do we really get that feeling of home often enough? Which is why I think Chinese New Year is great, because there is no greater way to attain this somewhat-elusive communal feeling of home than to share in fun and laughter with your family. And the easiest way to do that this CNY? Go to the cinemas this CNY, catch HOMECOMING 《笑着回家》 with your family members and laugh your hearts out!

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