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SINdie speaks to Leon about his current crowd-funding efforts for his upcoming short film, The Three Sisters:

This is the first time we have heard about crowd-funding for a short film in Singapore. Its a refreshing concept! Why this idea?
Yes, I think this is probably the first time a short film in Singapore is crowd-funding. I've heard of the concept and seen some filmmakers from US and a fellow classmate try it. Since I didn't get a short film grant from the SFC, I needed another way to raise funds. The great thing about crowd-funding is that it has other ripple benefits like building a community of fans who want to see the work. In addition, people who pledge money get perks like DVDs, props, or creative input.

How did you come up with a $5000 goal? Is that the budget to make the 'The Three Sisters'?
The budget is S$7000. I am putting $2000 of my own money in, and maybe more, so people know I'm committed to the project. I'm not asking for "free" money. The film may cost more but I'm trying to ask for favours. I'm also definitely seeking sponsors in case I don't meet the $5000 goal.

What were some of the interesting things you picked up while working in US that you think Singapore needs more of?
I think Americans are not shy in promoting themselves and their work. I also gathered that a lot of effort is put into the development and writing of the script - because the script is everything. Well, at least most of the time.

Besides facebook and your blog, how else are you publicising this crowd funding effort?
Twitter, emails, and whenever I meet someone, I'm ready to tell them what I'm doing. Thankfully, I've managed to get some publicity from Sindie. Sinema and The New Paper. :)

Give us a reason why we should care about 'The Three Sisters'
Because it's about three Singaporeans who realise that even though their surroundings and landscapes change so quickly, familial love remains a constant.

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