ShoutOUT!: Perspectives Film Festival 2010

Have a rockstar treatment in Perspective Film Festival 2010!

PERSPECTIVES Film Festival 2010 presents a series of films that break the boundaries of reality and story-telling as we know it. Documentary, fiction, experimental cinema – these films use bold and unconventional techniques to collapse and merge reality and fiction, creating a whole new world on screen. Enter this world with us.

Looks like "beetle" has found its old nature...

Into its 3rd year this year,we bring to you "Breaking Through Reality".

Titles to be featured in this festival...

Waltz With Bashir

Gimme Shelter

Russian Ark

24 City



The PERSPECTIVES Film Festival is an annual event organised by students of Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, under the guidance of mentors from the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication & Information. Each year, a new committee is carefully screened and selected from the student population to undertake the behemoth task of organizing this event.

Just Come LAH!

Signing Off~!

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