A Red Carpet 'First Takes'

We walked along a red carpet to the Nov edition of 'First Takes'. It was a dream-like experience. By the way, Substation's retrofitted itself in a huge way. Do drop by to behold. It's rather groooovy now.

A priceless moment on camera.

Uncomfortable as it was, the First Takes crowd still packs the floor. Well done, Singapore Poly!

Aishah (First Takes programmer) rules the court.

Watch the video blurbs above for what the best and the worst remarks the filmmakers have ever received about their films screen tonight.

Aishah thanks the filmmakers for having contributed the films.
Here comes the pleasant surprise of the evening. The helpers from Singapore Polytechnic come up to me and asked if they could snap a photo with me because they were fans of SINdie. I was deeply honoured. :))
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