Quick Stop with Brian Gothong Tan, The Republic Cultural Centre

A rather 'invisible' token from Brian's film, 'Invisible Children'

In conjunction of Reflections 2010-Republic Polytechnic Community Arts Festival,Brian was being invited to share with us about his experience in filmmaking and also showcased his past works.

The highlight of the sharing is Brian shares about his brush with 'Singapore's biggest national air carrier'...where he shares that during his character study for his feature film "Invisible Children", the clip actually somehow landed into the eyes of the corporate comms of this company and there,the drama started.

They threatened to sue Brian if he insist on shooting the film...and Brian stepped back by changing his script and clothings?

Well...if companies start suing filmmakers, we would have been vanished in a flash... where got money to pay!?

Signing off!
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