Fly By Night Video Challenge 2010: Epilogue

Here's our experience about FLY BY NIGHT VIDEO CHALLENGE 2010 as participanting team.

Part of SINdie Team(From Left)Melody,Raymond,Darren,Jeremy

Some thoughts from the team about taking part.....

'3 Words: "FINALLY IT'S OVER!" Glad that we managed to complete the challenge... This is a chance to reflect us. It's always different between the concept on paper and the actual shoot. As the murphy's rule says..."Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong" It's true... Actually, I almost had a debate with my mom, who said this challenge was "Pointless"!'

'Making this video is a wake-up call. Executing a film in the actual shoot very different from creating it on paper. I suggested shooting at the Pasir Panjang Wholesale centre and vegetable market thinking that you can see the sea at the end of the road. I was so wrong. Land had been reclaimed and we could not do the 'singlet' trick anymore. In a way, it makes me more attentive to the filmmaker's journey in making the film, especially when I watch and try to review another 'problematic' film.'

Glad that...

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