Anthony Chen's 回家过年 short film is a close as I could get to fire-crackers

It's an unearthly 4.15 am on a Saturday morning and a town in Tuas TV World is about to be transformed. I was helping as a PA at Anthony Chen's shoot of a short film meant for Chinese New Year's River Hongbao.

Very 'Lust, Caution' type Art Deco building

Grand Dame of all the fakeies at Tuas TV world

The hairdressers set up shop every where they go

It is so amusing to see some senior citizen proudly relish in the rare moment of having their hair and make-up done by a top professional

Nearly all men got a haircut. I will tempted to free-ride on this service,

Tools of the trade

Wan Ping (left) never fails to amuse with his exaggeration facial reactions (with Anthony in this picture)

Singer with half face on 'chao tar' (burnt) platter

That's me, plonked in the middle of old Chinatown

Did they really eat the bee hoon, smoked by the powerful DIY smoke machine?

This man had an interesting conversation with some Chinese nationals who came to help as extras. He related to them this is how Singapore looked like in the 60s and 70s. China guy looked in disbelief and replied that Singapore in the 70s is no way fight for Shanghai in the 20s. Hello! how to compare... they started earlier ma.

Hair cutting plays a significant role in the short film, that's why the barber scene went through countless takes

For some reason, they looked more 'My Favourite Things' in 'The Sound of Music' than 'Tofu Street' (popular Channel 8 drama); the singlets in the picture looks very 'Fighting Spiders'.

'We were soooooo not looking forward to the cleaning up' after the shoot'

6.30 pm, We were racing against time and and trying to salvage the last traces of sunlight.

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