Red Hot Masala Mix 2 at Sinema Old School

Director Pugalenthii's (Deadly Secrets) red letter day

My (Jeremy Sing) shot with the elegantly dressed programmer, Rajesree, an ardent fan of SINdie!

Group shot - SINdie + the poly lecturers (from left: Michael Kam, Jeremy Sing, Melody Chow, Raymond Tan, Rajesree Ramasamy)

Nicholas Chee (founder of Sinema Old School) rushing through the door under the watchful eyes of the golden fortune cat.

Cast and supporters of the films - the guy who played the effeminate mama shop owner in Michael Kam's Masala Mama is second from left.

The unforgettable 'Batam' scene where the Batam girl speaks with a funny accent!

Michael Kam answers to the many curious 'Why make an Indian film' questions

The directors were asked to pose with the audience as the background as part of the Showoff's group photo's signature style

Step into the directors' shoes here - a view of the Q & A from the director's chair, enjoy the video!
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