THE NATIONAL DAY VIDEO PROJECT (Part 3): National Videos From Other Countries

In one of SINdie's most popular posts so far, we've looked at how Singapore's national day video productions have evolved through the years.

Whether they have glamorised, humanised or embarrassed Singapore and her bonfa-fide citizens, the fact is - as the song suggests "We are Singapore". See the post on the journey of our national day videos from 1985 - 2010.

Just like everything else, the pride of a developed nation challenges us to benchmark ourselves against the world. So after ramping up your patriotism with the earlier post, we decided to search out what other countries have managed to come up with in this regard.

We didn't find much, but the little (from our neighbours and some other countries that wouldn't suprise in having nationalistic videos) proves rather interesting.

Here's a taste of what we found.

Malaysia - Truly Asia
A familiar video ad campaign from our neighbours up north. Interesting the emphasis on Malaysia's natural sights. We hold our hands up on that one.

Inspiring Indonesia 2010
From one neighbour to another, Indonesia's tourism campaign brings out its renowned abundance of cultures in natural surrounds. Again little basis for comparison with our city skylines- for better or worse.

钟鼓楼-何勇 (China)
The video's description reads: "He Yong (Beijing-Zhonggulou) The first generation after the opening up of China,sort of recording what had happened in the old days when modernization kicked off in China in 80s'." Agenda aside, a pretty decent production from way back then.

North Korean Propaganda Song

With a theme of nationalistic propaganda videos, you didn't think we'd look beyond the (in)famous Korean peninsula, did you?

슈퍼주니어 - Victory Korea Music Video

From the more popular side of the Korean peninsula, a production celebrating and supporting the South Korean football team's entry into the 2010 World Cup.

Thai Tourism Video

A soft-sell Thai tourism video that also instills national pride the way 'Home' does for Singapore. Note the authentis Thai pronunciation of voice as 'woice'.

Kuwait National Day and Liberation Day Song

Exploiting plot devices for emotional reaction is probably an accepted part of a national production. Judging by the posted comments, this Kuwaiti video certainly does the trick.

Pakistani National song

Some familiar semblances of a country torn by strife and most recently natural calamities.

We are Indians

Patriotic song from India to salute the soldiers of the Kargil war. Lots of the typical National icons but check out the Bollywoodesque dolly shots.

South Africa - Alive with Possibility

Like Singapore that is calling itself a city of possibilities, South Africa inspires with the same tagline. Love the people focus and the epic helicopter shots.

Kenya's National (Daima) Video

Heartwarming patriotic video from Kenya that uses children to represent the future of Kenya. This video was made soon after the post-election violence of 2007.

Australia Video by Qantas

Though done by Qantas, it qualifies as a patriotic video. SIA should really sponsor a around the world shooting trip for the next National Day video.

Kazakh Song

A rather curious production showcasing the might of the Kazakhstan's military might. Perhaps a implicit message to the world that the country isn't all Borat made it out to be.

Russian Patriotic Video

Here's how we can do CGI tastefully..

Stay tuned for a later post to hear what our local filmmakers and some national icons would do if tasked to create a national video.

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