Colin's Farewell Evening

Colin, our regular reviewer, will be leaving for further studies in Chicago next week. It was time to huddle and take pictures while he is still around.
The last of the big group shots
'University initiation rites' - ice-cream gorging
Mango sorbet on cheesecake, chocolate, coffee and phish food - let's get adventurous for once!
We adjourned to Minds Cafe where we played something to sharpen our language skills - Taboo. Raymond and Alvin await their turns.
Haha... just had to catch Melody with an 'auntie' expression like this.

Alvin (left) listens on as Colin's (right) gets into the heat of the game. Jeremy, deep in thought, seems to be in the wrong party.
Alvin couldn't stop laughing at how Raymond (left) and Jeremy (right) were screeching throughout their portion of the game.
Grace makes her entrance in the while Colin get kiasu with the rules.

Get a pair of glasses Jeremy.
A leaving note for Colin - Eric Khoo on Taboo
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