Gala Nights - Sandcastle, Haunted Changi and Cubik

Sandcastle Gala Charity Premiere

'En' (Joshua Tan) and his daddy?

Standing next to Mr Boo

In a really tight spot

Friends and fans make sure they take home a little something from the event

Colin Low and myself (Jeremy Sing) pose against the 'gala premiere' must-have, the logo wallpaper

Haunted Changi Premiere

Everyone is smiling except the director Tony Kern (second from= right) who looks like he just saw a ghost. Audi from SINdie was part of the spooky team.

'That's a tough question.' Tony ponders...


Cubik Premiere

The cast looking suave

Hunks and babes of the cast

Supercar, Superbike, (not-quite-yet) Superstars

Posing with director Stefan Fanthome (SINdie L-R: Alvin Choo and Jeremy Sing)

That's about as close as you can get to it, dude
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