Actor Jason Chan gets 'drafted' into boot camp - Part 3

2nd Phone meeting with Tessa

One thing I worked hard on this time was change of direction with each event or introduction of character. Tessa told me last time that my treatment was very much a “and, and, and” script: “and then this happened… and then this happened… and then that happened…”. It should be “this happened BUT then this happened BUT then that happened”.

I think I’ve managed to introduce many such “BUT” moments. The group reflected back to me that it certainly was less predictable, which they liked, but that it had now lost its romance. That it seemed more like a mystery or thriller!

Talking Tessa can be both deflating and inspiring at the same time. She has an amazing way of deconstructing your script and yet leading you into new exciting territories at the same time. I’m beginning to understand how little glances into a character’s actions can very quickly paint a whole person.

After the phone call with Tessa, I returned to the treatment but experienced my first ever bout of writers block. One trick to get out of writers block is to read what you have to a friend. I did just that. In fact I read my last two drafts – they’re same same but different. Remarkable – the effect it had. My first (latest draft) had her oo-ing and aaah-ing about this or that event – she was actually moved. My last draft – completely bored her. Fascinating! The difference was a few scenes and events.

Next – a couple more treatment re-writes then off to another 5 day camp in September to start writing scenes for our film. I don’t feel ready yet. I now realize the importance of structure and story; and how screenplays can literally take years to write. Almost 6 months has passed and I’m not past 10 pages of my treatment… but I’m learning…

Tutors Kelly Marshall and Tessa Sheridan talk about 'The First Draft'
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