7th Singapore Short Cuts Weekend 2 - Experiments and Obssessions

The piece-de-resistance of the 7th Singapore Short Cuts was K Rajagopal's new piece 'Timeless'. Fronted on the publicity shot with Neo Swee Lin, it was certainly a crowd puller with full house attendance on Sunday. Quite surprisingly, for the strong line-up that was presented, his Q & A session was a little lacking in engine from the audience (save for poet Ng Yi-sheng who had some pretty big questions). Perhaps they didn't know what to ask. Perhaps they didn't know Raja and his works well enough previously. But for him, the National Museum's had the eye to do a retrospective finally.

Raja explains the lack of dialogue in his later films (which inadvertently helps explain for the lack of dialogue in many other local films we've seen)

Raja and why he 'wanted to be Chinese' in earlier days

Ng Yi-sheng poses his big question to Raja - 'How has filmmaking evolved since his pioneering days?'

'Filmmaking and Struggling' - the new buzz-phrase from fellow filmmaker Sun Koh

Curator Wenjie and Rajagopal
Raja gets his movie-star treatment here with a video interview after Short Cuts

Saturday's selection of directors made some truly daring experimental works
Seated from left (Warren Sin, Muhd Shukor, Daniel Hui, Vel Ng)

Look, your dads and uncles have no excuse not to support local films now.
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