Share Happy Singapore (Video and Photo Competition)

Walls has teamed up with comedian, presenter, Gurmit Singh to inspire Singaporeans to share more happy moments everyday. Wall’s will be sending out smile squads with free ice cream, introducing a new vending machine that will giveaway free ice creams if you smile, whilst 2 Happy people -Dawn Wong & Joshua Barker Tan - will be trying to inspire spread and happiness in the most unexpected way. All of this to make Singapore little bit happier.

And you can participate in a number of ways !

Join the movement to Share Happy by:

1 Submitting a video capturing a little moment of happiness and you could be on TV on August 18th!

Upload your videos through this facebook application

The top 3 voted videos will get their clips aired on Channel 5 on 18 August, so here's your chance to be seen and heard!

2 submitting a picture to win a year’s supply of ice cream

Click for photos!

3 Smiling into one of Walls' vending machines or for one of our smile squads and win a free ice cream!
Share and vote for happy videos that you like ! And get free ice cream !

And invite your friends and family to join the movement, to share more happy!
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