One more onboard - Raymond Tan

SINdie is officially an octopus now because there are 8 of us. One more has just joined the team following Melody, Audi and Alvin. His name is Raymond Tan and he will exercising his pen for the film reviews. Here is more about Raymond:

Raymond is a 4th year student at the National University of Singapore, pursuing a major in Theatre Studies. While he likes the intimacy and the live interaction the stage offers, his passion lies with film. He lives and breathes film, and if he could eat it, he would. He particularly loves films that explore morally ambiguous or conflicted characters. He has written film reviews for a couple of school publications as well as youth-oriented magazines, and in recent years has developed a strong interest in local cinema. He hopes to continue writing about film in his free time, and work towards completing his first screenplay.

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